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At SGP Services we pride ourselves in doing business with Integrity and Innovation. How often do you feel that you have worked with a company that treats you fairly during the set up and reliably after you started to do business with them? Our clients are long term relationships that we value and work with on an ongoing basis.

SGP Services represents numerous processors and gateway service providers. The advantage to you is that we can match your business needs to the processor and gateway instead of forcing one choice on you. We look to provide value to your business instead of promising cheap rates that do not save you any money. We strive to save you time and energy so that your business can thrive.

Sean Riley founded SGP Services in 2004 to provide a trustworthy source for processing. Our experience as a Merchant and as a processing agent proved that there was not an acceptable level of honesty or integrity in the industry. Typically, the average time a processing representative lasts is 9 months. Generally their focus is on a quick sale with no thought for the merchant once the representative disappears with the signed application.

Are you a Merchant who is looking for a way to accept credit cards for your business or a Web Developer who needs to implement a credit card processing system on your client's website? We are here to help you find the best solution.

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Sean Riley
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Since 2004
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